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Trenbolone (also known under the trade names Parabolan, Tren, Finaject, Finapleks) – a powerful anabolic steroid used earlier in veterinary medicine in order to increase muscle mass and cattle appetite. To increase the duration of action of trenbolone is not used in its original form, as a rule esterified derivatives used: trenbolone acetate (lowest duration of action), trenbolone and trenbolone enanthate tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonat and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. After introduction into muscle trenbolone gradually decompose esters plasma lipase providing prolonged delivery of the active substance in the blood. It has a powerful anabolic effect, however, it has many side effects, so it is not a good option.

Trenbolone acetate – one of the most popular forms of the drug (brand names Finapliks, Finapleks, Finaject, Finajet). Trenbolone acetate, has a short half-destroyed, so was injected every day. The effective dose of about 50 mg daily or 100 mg every other day.

Trenbolone tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonat or trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate – brand Parabolan, different duration of action – up to six weeks. For a long time, and trenbolone tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonat Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate absent from the market, and all existing products under the brand name Parabolan were fakes. The current situation with a large number of counterfeits remains, however, released the official version – Parabolan by Balkan Pharm (Moldova). Injections are done every day or every other day. Effective dose – 300 mg per week.

Trenbolone enanthate – form of the drug is similar in the previous pharmacological properties.Trenbolone enanthate is a long period – about 10 days. Injections are performed 1-2 times per week. Effective dose – 300 mg per week.
Steroid profile

Trenbolone has a high affinity for the androgen receptor, binding capacity is greater than 5 times that of testosterone [1] This is due to the high activity of anabolic formulation.. Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroids in their ability to increase strength gains and muscle mass.At the same time it is reflected in the frequency of side effects, the risk of which is quite high, especially in improperly formatted courses.

Trenbolone has gained its popularity mainly because it is not able to be aromatized into estrogens under the influence of 5-alpha-reductase. This deprives him of side effects such as gynecomastia and fluid accumulation.

Trenbolone is 5 times stronger suppresses the production of testosterone, due to the feedback mechanism and progesterone activity. This results in side effects such as decreased libido, erection and flaccid testicular atrophy.

Trenbolone is a 19-nor derivatives of testosterone, which makes it similar to nandrolone in respect progestivnoy activity. Trenbolone is able to bind to progesterone receptors, which in rare cases leads to gynecomastia, decreased libido (Deca-Dick), but this property is expressed rather weakly.

Detection time -. 5 months
The effects of trenbolone
Increased muscle mass (up to 10 kg for 8 week course of trenbolone)
Improving athletic performance
, increases the level of insulin-like growth factor 200%
trenbolone promotes fat burning, both independently and by the stimulation of growth hormone secretion
libido increase in the course and a significant drop after the course (if not used gonadotropin and Nolvadex)
reduces cortisol levels
trenbolone – side effects
most often during the course of trenbolone are possible side effects: insomnia, high blood pressure, increased aggression, acne, alopecia, increased oiliness of the skin and others.
Decreased libido, sluggish erection ( very often during the course), and testicular atrophy due to suppression of testosterone production. Profilaktiruet gonadotropin administration (2 weeks from the beginning of the course and to the end of the course) and Nolvadex (2 weeks of 10 mg per day after the last injection, trenbolone).
The toxic effects on the kidney – is absent. This imaginary side effect of trenbolone is a consequence of the fact that the urine during the course turns red derivable metabolites which wrongly understood by some athletes as a sign of kidney damage.
The toxic effect on the liver has not been proven in moderation.
Androgenic effects are rare, estrogen . almost always absent in the
risk of adverse reactions increases when combined with trenbolone clenbuterol or ephedrine.
trenbolone course

a general rule for all steroids – the stronger the drug, the more side effects, is well suited for trenbolone. The safest course of trenbolone is constructed as follows:
Do not exceed the recommended dosage (trenbolone acetate – 50 mg daily, trenbolone enanthate, etc. – 300 mg per week)
Start reception with the minimum dose to test tolerance (may cause adverse reactions, which require interrupts the cycle ).
Duration of the course of not more than four weeks without the use of gonadotropin and Nolvadex, as described above. The drug has a strong inhibitory effect on the secretion of testosterone, so it is desirable to administer gonadotropin from 2 weeks of the course for 500-1,000 IU, 1 time per week. Injections gonadotropin terminated after 2 weeks after the cancellation of the steroid.
To restore production of testosterone, begin receiving testosterone booster since the beginning of the last week of the course and continue taking it for 3-4 weeks.
In order to maximize the effectiveness of the course, take sports nutrition system for a set of muscle mass and keep to a diet for a set muscle mass.
Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting to avoid contraindications.

Combined courses trenbolone

for gaining lean muscle there is no need to combine trenbolone with other drugs. During the drying of the course should be combined with trenbolone or Winstrol Anavar. In this case, use half the dosage of each drug. The duration of the combined rate – up to 8 weeks. Antiestrogens are not required.
Professional course

is well known professional cycles almost always combined. In these examples are given for dosage acetate.

The dose is 100 mg a day (especially for precompetitive preparation in bodybuilding). In muscle, testosterone enanthate set is included in the rate of 250 mg per week and nandrolone – 200 mg per week. Cycle time can be up to 10-15 weeks. It should be noted that such an approach is dangerous for health.