Metformin drug and its properties

According to many scientists, this drug is almost ideal means to burn fat. It synthesized it was only recently, in 1994, still less than the last, “athletic” story of this drug. In bodybuilding and other heavy sports Metformin began to be popular only 3-4 years ago.

To some extent, this can be considered as a pharmacological drug oral insulin analogue as in medicine, it is often used to treat patients with type 2 diabetes. Recently Metformin, used by athletes to lose weight, began to be combined with insulin. As it turned out, this combination helps to fight with accumulations of fat that occur during chronic administration of insulin.

Metformin unique Action: drug increases the level of free fatty acids and glycerol in the blood, which enhances lipolysis. For this reason, the most common use of the drug on a background of insulin injections. Plus, as they say the reviews, the application of such a combination, you can forget about the side effects. In rare cases, there is diarrhea, but it can easily cope with the help of aids.

How to take Metformin and what exactly it will be useful? Here everything is simple. Use of the drug in the course solo, without insulin, has a powerful effect on the fat accumulated in the human body. In other words, the Metformin drug alone is a more potent fat burner than in combination with insulin or other pharmacological agents. It is worth noting that the use of this fat burner should not last longer than 22 days. Also, after the course you must take a break lasting at least a week.

The daily dose of the drug, which can not lead to the appearance of side effects, and at the same time, which will be useful, ranges from 1375 to 1500 mg of the drug. The dose should be divided into two parts, can be three, and take in a day at mealtime. As the instructions for use in cases of diarrhea it is necessary to reduce the daily dosage, which is used Metformin. The most negative aspect of the drug hidden in its ability to suppress the secretion of pancreatic insulin-iron. However, this side effect is manifested only when drug overdose or too protracted course of its reception.

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