Injectable steroids

More and more athletes involved in power sports, ask the question, how best to introduce sports pharmaceuticals? So, what is better: to inject steroids or tablet form?

How do steroids?
First you need to understand what causes the effects of steroids. It may be:

Fast and efficient growth of muscles;
Acceleration of the processes of regeneration of connective and muscular tissue, fast recovery from exercise, healing of injuries, and the small size of discontinuities;
The increase in power performance and muscle endurance.
How to inject steroids
It’s no secret that steroids belong to the group of drugs with a greater risk of side effects. These effects tend to develop, if an athlete does not comply with the basic instructions on dosage and duration of use of substances. In no case can not be independently and at its sole discretion to change the course of a steroid injection. There is a clear instruction. Course admission is not more than 6 weeks. The average daily dose – 40 mg. Multiplicity of reception – once a day before training, after the main meal. For more information on each individual steroid must be read carefully to the package insert.

The benefits of injecting steroids
Injectable steroids courses have a number of positive qualities, which make it much more profitable than the tablet form. Namely:

Speed ​​of action. Getting right away directly into the blood, inject steroids give the maximum effect. As a result, a fast and powerful set of muscle mass, increasing power performance.
The practicality of use. Injectable forms of steroids should be administered less frequently than tableted. Usually they are administered with a frequency of two – three times a week (depending on the drug) to obtain the desired effect. While, as tablets must be taken every day.
Security. Thrust steroid does not have such a profound effect on liver toxicity as the oral form of the drug.
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